Our industry-leading Engines division is a trusted technology partner to all global engine manufacturers, offering differentiated products, processes and IP. Its exceptional portfolio of engine partnerships is entering the highly profitable aftermarket phase, and it is also uniquely positioned for next-generation platforms.

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2023 performance







Adjusted operating performance, as per Annual Results 2023.

Airbus A320 In Flight With Landing Gear Down Head On View Front

Civil engine partnerships

We are a leading Tier One provider of high performance structural and rotating engine components. Based on our diverse range of capabilities and long-term partnerships with major aero-engine OEMs, we lead the industry in fabrication of advanced engine structures, cases and frames. We provide tailored repair and overhaul services, supporting our customers around the world. 

Jet Fighter From Above

Defence OEM-heritage

We are responsible for the availability and airworthiness of the RM12 engine powering the Gripen C/D fighter. This OEM-level capability includes the design, development, manufacture, assembly, certification, maintenance, repair, overhaul and technical product support globally. We work closely with our customers to ensure low cost operation and flight safety. We also provide components for a wide range of military fighter engines, including the F135 powering the world-leading F-35 fighter jet.