We continue to invest in pursuing sustainability improvements – an important part of our strategy for long-term operational, financial and commercial success.

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Sustainability targets


Reduction in Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions intensity by 2025 (1)

Net Zero

Achieve net zero emissions across the value chain by 2050



Electricity from renewable sources by 2025 (2)


Of total R&D spend on climate related R&D per year

to contribute to the decarbonisation of aerospace by 2025


Diversion of solid non-hazardous waste from landfill by 2025


Reduction in water withdrawal intensity by 2025 (3)


LTA frequency rate


Investment on skills development per year

(1) The Group’s chosen intensity ratio is energy consumption, emissions and water withdrawal reported above normalised megawatts usage (MWh), tonnes of CO2e, or m3 per £1,000 of revenue. The data has been standardised from the source units in which it was initially collected. The revenue figures used to calculate the intensity ratio include continuing operations under operational control only.
(2) Where renewable electricity is commercially and reasonably available in the relevant jurisdiction.
(3) Target baselined on FY2021 with consideration of HY2022 performance.

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Targets and commitments 

We have set global goals to contribute to environmental protection through climate action, respectful use of natural resources and pursuit of circular economy principles. In addition, the safety, wellbeing and continued development of our employees and communities we operate in are at the heart of our business. Through these targets and commitments, aligned with our relevant UN SDGs, we make sure sustainable development of our business is transparent and verifiable, and that performance is always on an upward track.

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    Reports and data centre

    Openly reporting on our activities, targets, commitments, governance and performance is integral to how we do business. Access our data and sustainability reports.

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