Nortek Air Management

StatePoint Technology® substantially reduces energy and water usage in global data centres

Nortek Global HVAC’s StatePoint Technology® is the world’s first sustainable data centre cooling system, and is designed to substantially reduce water and power usage in hyperscale data centres.

The cutting-edge design reduces power usage by 30% compared with conventional designs and reduces water consumption by up to 90% in cooler climates. These environmental benefits help to avoid over-burdening local water supplies and eliminate the need for refrigerant-based cooling that can have a significant global warming impact.

The flexible StatePoint design can be used in any data centre regardless of location or climate, and maintains sustainable, efficient performance. The hyperscale data centre market has a compound annual growth rate of 19%, meaning that power and water usage associated with cooling such facilities will increase at a similar rate. StatePoint offers an environmentally responsible solution to this growth, minimising water and energy usage and significantly reducing emissions.


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