Synchronous Condenser helps unlock renewable power generation and transmission

Brush’s Synchronous Condenser is helping to address the global problem of electrical distribution network instability caused by renewable power generation and transmission.

The global drive for renewable energy has added significant solar and wind-generated power to the grid. Renewable power is primarily generated via static systems which, when generating and transmitting power from renewable sources in larger volumes, cause grid instability in respect of voltage, frequency, and power factor fluctuations, which can result in significant challenges to overall network stability.

Brush’s Synchronous Condensers overcome such challenges and enhance grid stability by providing greater inertia, reaction power compensation, and short circuit power capacity. This offers significant cost savings by removing the need to invest in infrastructure reinforcements, such as new transmission lines, that would otherwise be required to address the issue. Brush’s Synchronous Condensers bring differentiation to its Generator portfolio, providing strong value positioning to customers and creative solutions to the challenges posed by renewable power expansion.


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