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The Fan Case Mount Ring that helps save fuel and waste

GKN Aerospace’s continued innovation in Additive Manufacturing has enabled its development of a leading Fan Case Mount Ring (FCMR) structural design.

GKN Aerospace’s fan blade housing structure allows significant reduction in source material use, energy consumption and product weight, with a view to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in both the manufacturing process and across the product life cycle.

Technological advancements were made in 2020 using unique Laser Metal Deposition (LMD-w) fabrication techniques, enabling GKN Aerospace to secure its position as supplier of choice to Pratt & Whitney for the PW1500G engine, which will be used on the Airbus A220. The project is currently in its production start-up phase with first serial production expected in 2021.

GKN Aerospace’s new fabricated FMCR promotes resource efficiency by reducing the buy-to-fly ratio from 15 in the original design to five. This represents a 60% reduction in material waste, which will save over 90 tonnes of forged titanium annually. Additionally, the FCMR reduces fuel burn by 20%, which translates to an estimated saving exceeding three million tonnes of CO2 on products manufactured to date.

This project illustrates how GKN Aerospace is using its unique fabrication capability to reduce costs to its customers, and provide broader societal benefits by accelerating the reduction of aircraft fuel consumption.


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