Respect and protect the environment

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Our Sustainability improvement objectives

  • Drive and invest in our businesses to improve their operational efficiencies by minimising environmental impact through reduced energy and water use, and CO2 emissions
  • Align with recognised frameworks such as SASB, TCFD and CDP to increase transparency of actions as a core driver for change


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SDG 13


Continue to invest in and support our businesses as they develop products and services aligned with a net zero future

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Our Sustainability improvement objectives

  • Support and harness product innovation and quality within our businesses, to help their customers deliver on their commercial and environmental goals and find effective solutions to assist them in addressing climate change


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SDG 13


Prioritise health & safety, promote diversity and nurture the wellbeing and skills development of employees, and support the communities that they are part of

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Our Sustainability improvement objectives

  • Drive our businesses to follow best health and safety practice across operations, respect employees’ human rights and positively contribute to their communities by implementing effective policies and procedures, supported by local management accountability and a culture of strong awareness, training and investment 
  • Ensure the pension schemes that we inherit are managed prudently and effectively for both employees and retirees, and where relevant, seek to create better funded schemes with more prudent targets under our stewardship 
  • Promote diversity and inclusion at all levels 
  • Promote fair employment and skills development 
  • Ensure that our people have a voice and can inform executive decisions


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SDG 08


Exercise robust governance, risk management and compliance

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Our Sustainability improvement objectives

  • Implement and enforce effective compliance policies across our businesses, ensuring integrity, responsibility and adherence to ethical principles 
  • Encourage them to protect the ultimate wellbeing of their products’ end-users by adhering to the highest safety standards 
  • Ensure our businesses respect labour and human rights and request their suppliers to respect these principles 
  • Protect information security and data privacy 
  • Carry out prudent and responsible financial and tax planning and management
  • Maintain sensible and sustainable leverage to support investment


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