Stakeholder Engagement

Our stakeholders

The success of our “Buy, Improve, Sell” model and our commitment to investing in our businesses to improve their sustainability performance relies on maintaining strong support from our key stakeholders, including our investors. Melrose provides a consistent and transparent flow of information and management insight to shareholders and the wider investment community, and we take an honest, transparent and open approach to investor relations and communications.

We recognise that shareholders, as well as other stakeholders such as corporate governance agencies and independent reporting bodies, require robust information and guidance to best inform their decision-making. We deliver this through enhanced disclosure on topics that are material to the Company including sustainability, supported by active and transparent engagement, to enable our stakeholders to accurately review and assess our performance in line with best practice.

In addition to our annual programme of key information publications and engagement initiatives including the annual general meeting, general meetings on specific material items, publication of full and half year results, regular trading statements, and this Annual Report, the Board and the Melrose senior management team meet and communicate with shareholders on a frequent and proactive basis throughout the year, including at specific capital markets days on the different businesses we own. 

Although the COVID-19 pandemic constrained our face-to-face activities in 2020 (and continues to do so), we continued to engage with our investors by providing trading updates, published more frequently during 2020 to ensure that investors were appropriately informed as to the Group’s performance, and virtual capital markets presentation days to provide shareholders, analysts, and their representatives with direct access to the Directors and the opportunity to engage directly with the executive management teams of our largest businesses. Further information is available on the Investors section of our website.

Details about our stakeholder engagement during 2020, including our engagement with employees, suppliers and customers, and government bodies, can be found in our Section 172 statement.