Materiality Assessment

Embedding Sustainability

In 2020 we undertook a materiality assessment to identify the key sustainability issues that impact our ability to create value over time and are of most concern to our stakeholders.

This process has helped prioritise the main sustainability topics that are impacted by our businesses’ activities and has informed our Group strategy, following consultation with key stakeholders on environmental and sustainability topics. We do not view these as isolated issues. We appreciate that they are often interconnected and recognise that a change to one can have an impact on others. Our materiality assessment included a review of relevant reporting frameworks and standards, peer group benchmarking across our businesses’ respective Aerospace, Automotive, Materials Science and Industrial peers, direct consultation with the CEOs and executive management teams of our largest businesses, integrating feedback from their ongoing interaction with external stakeholders including industry bodies, customers and suppliers, and the views of our shareholders through our ongoing investor engagement activities. The issues that we identified were placed into a matrix, and positioned for their level of importance to the Group and our businesses’ stakeholders. We have identified the following issues as having the greatest potential impact on the Group: 

Work Environment

Engaging with our stakeholders

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Stakeholder Engagement