Materiality Assessment

Embedding Sustainability

In 2020, we undertook a materiality assessment which identified the key sustainability issues that impact our ability to create value over time and are of most concern to our stakeholders.

During 2021, as part of our ongoing executive review of our material sustainability topics, and in response to our developing sustainability strategy and the evolving macro business environment, we have elevated the importance and prominence of Responsible Sourcing and Water across the Group. Both topics will receive greater focus during 2022 and beyond.

As we enter a new year, we have renewed and reiterated our four sustainability principles to better reflect the current ESG ecosystem and the positive impact we can have on the industrial sectors in which our businesses operate, whilst continuing to engage with key internal and external stakeholders to ensure all our businesses better understand and deliver upon their expectations.

(1) The exclusion of topics from this list does not mean that they are not considered to be important to Melrose and its businesses or are not being actively managed.