Cutting edge technological solutions enabling the decarbonisation of aerospace.

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Reducing emissions across the value chain to help adapt to and, where possible, mitigate the effects of climate change.

The aviation sector is reported to contribute between 2-3% of the global carbon dioxide related emissions, with this figure projected to grow significantly to c.12% by 2050 if aviation realises its growth potential whilst other industries significantly reduce emissions in parallel. However, for aviation, carbon dioxide makes up only approximately a third of its total impact to global warming, with in flight nitrogen oxides and contrails contributing most of the rest. As these wider impacts become better understood, the pressure on aviation will only increase with the likely impact of suppressing growth unless action is taken.

The major manufacturers in the aerospace sector need to collaborate with all parts of the supply chain to innovate and deliver solutions that accelerate the path to Net Zero. The size of the challenge cannot be overestimated and requires a two-pronged approach whereby manufacturers need to find a way to scale up current production levels in a sustainable manner, while developing the aircraft of the future that will eliminate the climate impact of aviation from the top down.

Our ambition for sustainable aviation

Our ambition is simple. In efforts to be the most trusted and sustainable partner in the sky, we want to leverage our market-leading positions in technological innovation, advanced processes and engineering excellence to help aircraft fly safely and more sustainably. 

With our operational excellence, high-volume production and smart industry capabilities, we are now driving the global development towards lower energy consumption, reduced material waste and higher performance, resulting in shorter production lead times and more affordability for our customers.

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