Sustainable value creation

2024.01.30 Melrosegkn Bristol 0646

To reflect the transformation of Melrose into a pure play aerospace business, we will be announcing a new set of sustainability targets to align with our ambition to be the most trusted and sustainable partner in the sky.

As well as with the macroeconomic and broader aviation trends to advance the environmental and social improvements in the sector at large. By fostering a culture of improvement, both operationally and financially, we strengthen our capabilities and resources, enabling us to stay true to our commitments.

Our business model is to Design, Deliver and Improve. In working with our customers, we create breakthrough technologies and high-quality, highly engineered products and systems. We support our customers in tackling the most pressing and complex challenges across the aerospace sector, and in achieving their own sustainability and net zero ambitions. Our aerostructures and engine systems enable over 100,000 flights every day, empowered by innovative solutions based on breakthrough R&D and sustainable technology, and we aim for continuous improvement in all we do.

Sustainability is a foundation for this business model, as we always look to consider our stakeholders in addressing the environmental and social impacts of our business, and strive to be transparent about our practices and performance. Our established sustainability governance framework helps cement the credibility of our performance over time, aligning it with commercial and operational success.

Our environmental sustainability targets include reducing emissions, increasing our use of renewable electricity, diverting as much of our solid non-hazardous waste as we can from landfill, and reducing water withdrawal.

Providing a safe and supportive working environment, access to learning and development opportunities, and encouraging diversity and inclusion at all levels help us continue to attract and retain the best people, and support their professional development, to better serve our customers and communities we operate in.

Our approach to sustainability is based on four key principles

  1. Respect and protect the environment
  2. Continue to invest in products that help decarbonise aviation
  3. Prioritise health and safety, promote diversity and nurture the wellbeing and skills development of employees, and support the communities that they are part of
  4. Exercise strong governance, risk management and compliance

We realise that building a strong sustainable business is a long-term goal, and while there remains plenty for us to do, we continue to invest in our pursuit of sustainability improvements for long-term operational, financial and commercial success.