In conjunction with the development of our materiality assessment, we have reconfirmed our commitment to prioritising the pursuit of our four overarching sustainability principles, and illustrated their alignment with those UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their underlying targets that fit our business model, the businesses that we currently own, the sectors in which they operate, and their key stakeholders.

We have identified the specific UN SDGs and underlying targets where the Group makes the biggest direct contribution. We will continue to further align those targets with our businesses’ activities and our new sustainability reporting framework.

The integration of UN SDGs and their targets into our business model links our sustainability objectives with those of society and aligns our value creation strategy with our stakeholders.Below, we have summarised our relevant UN SDGs, their respective targets, and examples of how we and our businesses are contributing to them:

Our ESG activities are aligned to the following UN SDGs

Work Environment

Consulting our stakeholders

Every few years Melrose conducts a materiality analysis to learn what topics are of most interest and concern to our stakeholders. The topics inform the priorities we set for our focus areas.

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